Despite the fact that Tarsus is an extremely safe city, security at Tarsus American College is extremely tight.  The campus is surrounded by high stone walls, and entrance to the campus for any visitor is tightly monitored.  The entire campus is covered by surveillance cameras, which are monitored 24 hours per day. The security personell are on duty at all times.  The street between the two parts of the campus has been closed to traffic by the police and the police officers are always on duty in front of the gates of TAC also they patrol around the campus regularly.  It allows clear lines of sight to parking and unloading areas for our security personell.

Visitors to the campus are screened at the main gate with X-Ray machines, and must receive official permission to enter. Every effort is made to ensure that our campus is safe and secure at all times.  The Head of School regularly speaks with the Business Manager and Security Chief to address any concerns which arise. We have a close connection with local police, who are prepared to respond immediately if a crisis were to arise.